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Arclev: Academic Consulting Firm│R&D Expert search

We aspire to optimally allocate research assets
to create a world fueled by R&D vitality.

Arclev|since 2019

Our Philosophy

Japan's vitality is built upon the vitality of companies

Today’s technologies are evolving at an alarming rate across different disciplines, making it difficult for R&D of companies to stay on top of the evolution. It is critical to create an ecosystem like we see at Silicon Valley, segregating and integrating research (academia) and development (companies).

Universities in Japan have produced many Nobel Laureates and have long led the world in research. Reduction in subsidiary aids that we are seeing in recent years has induced financial anxieties. It is of great concern that universities in Japan may no longer maintain its capabilities to compete in the world. Being able to raise external funds is an urgent issue for universities in Japan. Unfortunately, universities do not have much affinity for business cultures and thus industry-academia collaboration in Japan remains undeveloped.

We, at Arclev, are a "revolutionary team of researchers and entrepreneurs."
We can become the best supporter to both companies and universities as well as become the strongest bridge between the two parties.

We aspire to become the "ocean" that can foster development of new world-amazing technologies and star researchers.

That is our philosophy at Arclev.

Our Solution

① Issue extraction consulting
Extraction of issue and drafting of hypothesis from hearing to managers and person in charge of R&D
Advantages in consulting
- Experienced technical consultants  A team created by technical consultants rich in experience of research and development in universities and companies - Identify issues based on research trends  Propose direction and hypothesis of issue resolution based on research trends
② Researcher matching
Referral of researchers that have expertise and interest in desired discipline
Advantages in matching
- Collaboration with scientific community  Has strong association with scientific community because we are a company run by a scientist - Create a list of researchers from academic papers  Can extract an optimally matching researcher from academic papers using our own unique algorithm
③ Trial R&D consultation
Set up a meeting where your company, researcher(s), and our company can discuss your technical issues
④ Research project coordination
Our technical consultant will support research project management

About Our Founders

Makoto Asai(Ph.D. in Engineering)
President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Arclev, Inc.
Keio University Project Professor

Born in 1981. After earning his Ph.D. at Keio University in 2009, he has done post-doctoral research at Columbia University in the City of New York. Started this current position as of 2019. His expertise is on self-assembly phenomena of soft matters (collective term for soft materials). Entropic interactions, caused by softness, are the key to solve the mysteries of various self-assembly phenomena seen in vital activities. He aims to create a new field of soft matter engineering diverging from such phenomena. During his position at Columbia University, he presided over an association of young researchers, gathering a total of 4,000 participants and creating an interdisciplinary network of researchers across the world. Experiencing the dynamism at the world's highest institution of education, he developed a strong sense of impending crisis in Japan's academia. With aspirations to create an innovative mechanism for industry-academia collaboration that will enable Japan to continuously produce cutting edge technology.


Received the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Seal of Excellence (an award presented to outstanding proposals made for the Marie Curie fellowship grant) from EU Commission (EU) two years in a row (2017, 2018). Selected for International Young Scientist Fellowship by Institute of Physics at Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and President's International Fellowship Initiative by CAS in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Selected as candidate of Excellent Young Researchers by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 2018.

Makoto Asai
Mari Hirata
Board member / Co-Founder of Arclev, Inc.
Founder / Chairperson of Freelance Association Japan

Born in 1982. While studying at Faculty of Policy Management of Keio University, she took part in the foundation of BILCOM inc., a PR firm. She was responsible for strategy, planning, and execution of public relations for more than 50 companies, both domestic and foreign, from venture to Fortune 500 companies. She has contributed to the systematization of strategical PR method. After her experience of exchange studying at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, she earned her MBA at Keio Business School. She advanced onto Ph.D. course at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University while assuming the roles of public relations, international collaboration, and external affairs for the Dean’s office at Keio Business School (left school for child-birth). Mari is currently working freelance in fields of public relations, publishing, and writing business case method textbooks while founding and presiding over Freelance Association Japan in January 2017. Her passion is to create movements and environment for new ways of working. From her experience of working and researching activities at university as well as her role of developing and promoting the use of external professional talents in companies, she found significance in matching of Japanese researchers and companies and became a co-founder at Arclev. She has much experience in lecturing the use of external professional talents.

Mari Hirata
Hirokazu Miyoshi
Board member / Co-Founder of Arclev, Inc.
President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Folium k.k. 

Born in 1981. While studying at Keio University, he went to China in hopes of supporting Japanese companies advance into the Chinese market from standpoint of intellectual properties. Through his experience in managing Huojin Japan K.K. and 大連活今信息科技有限公司, offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) companies he co-founded in 2005 (transferred in 2014), he provided hands-on support to establish sites as well as build operational organization in China for many Japanese companies. Co-founded Truegio, a domestic BPO company aiming for regional revitalization, in 2010. Afterwards, he greatly contributed in the field of business creation, such as the foundation of Xorld K.K. (management consulting firm), joint venture with major big data analysis company, start-up of emerging mobile net research company, regeneration of a plastic recycling technology company, start-up of a development/construction company specializing in large-scale solar power plants, and management support for company specializing in golf course reservation system as well as subscription service company in the fitness industry. He took part in the foundation of Arclev, deeply sympathizing with Makoto's philosophy, in hope to fulfill his first resolution of realizing Japan as a "technology powerhouse."

Hirokazu Miyoshi
Give me a place to stand and
I will move the Earth

This is a famous quote by one of the leading scientists, Archimedes.
It was used to express the principle of the lever (Archimedes' principle).

This quote suggests the potentials of human kind---
Imagination based on intellect may have the power to even move the Earth.

The issue that lies between companies and researchers is a grave issue that threatens
the development of science, the origin of human kind.
We want to connect the two parties and become their fulcrum.
We want to become the greatest lever that contributes to the development of science.

With such aspirations, we named our company, Archimedes’ Lever = Arclev.

Our logo expresses our wishes to become an ideal hub that connects companies and researchers.
Company Name Arclev, Inc.
Headquarters CIC Tokyo 1-17-1-15F, Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 105-6415, JAPAN
President and CEO Makoto Asai
Board Members Mari Hirata
Hirokazu Miyoshi
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Our Services R&D Consulting, Researcher Matching